How Aromatherapy & Essential Oils can Improve your Sleep

At Direct Oils we understand how restlessness and poor sleep plagues so many people in the world. Even when your life is stable and fulfilling, insomnia and poor sleep can still exist. Some of this has to do with an ingrained work ethic that includes sacrifice of sleep, noisy environments, and high levels of stress. Bad habits are hard to reverse and heal, of course, so many people are looking for ways to help them find better sleep.

Incorporating Aromatherapy

If changing your sleep schedule, work schedule, and taking small naps doesn’t ease your insomnia, you might be looking at some alternative treatments. Aromatherapy is actually one of the most effective and big trending solutions in ways to relax the mind and body.

By using essential oils, the essence of these organic elements is enhanced and easily absorbed by the body. It is a time-tested and scientifically-backed practice of using smells to trigger chemical reactions in the brain. It is simply a matter of choosing the right oils to put your body at peace.


This is an ingredient that is seen in all sorts of materials, perfumes, and scented gifts. Lavender is a strong, yet not overpowering essential oil, in that it won’t linger past the time it was initially used. You can incorporate lavender into your sleeping prep via sprays, bath wash, beauty creams, and burning of essentials oils to help sooth your mind and tell your body when it’s time to sleep.


A common favorite among tea drinkers, chamomile is an essential oil that is very pleasing, yet also light enough to burn next to your bed, add to teas, and even deserts, as a way to train your brain to associate it with bed time.


This is an aromatic essential oil that makes its presence known, it is best used in conjunction with lighter oils, if you are new to essential oils. Cedarwood is a great oil to have on-hand when you come home from a long day and want to unwind. It is also a great tie-in with the holidays and the various natural smells that come along with it.


The bright citrus scents of orange may not seem like an essential oil that can help induce sleep, but it is actually a great balance of sweet and sour that triggers heightened leveled of relaxation, as well as optimism for people who struggle with depression and anxiety.


Last, but not last, is another important essential oil for increasing the frequency and the quality of sleep. It is a deep essence is almost mysterious in that it is so different from most commonly identified scents. This makes it a great “secret weapon” for those who really need to get to sleep fast and stay asleep for a big day tomorrow. It can be burned or applied on the skin, just be sure to test a small spot on the back of your hand first to check for any allergic reaction.

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