Why you should give aromatherapy oils a go!

A healthy body is important, but so is having a healthy mind, thankfully aromatherapy can be used to help a range of problems both physical and mental. Aromatherapy can be used for a variety of purposes from improving concentration to easing headaches.


Though commonly used for helping with relaxation, aromatherapy also offers several health benefits. Aromatherapy is a good way to lower blood pressure which is great for people with hypertension, this is a direct result of the calming effects of the aromatherapy – it’s a buy one get one free. Aromatherapy can also relieve constipation and aid digestion by speeding up metabolism so that you digest your food quicker. Essential oils such as orange and lemon and other citrus oils are highly recommended as the best for improving digestion.

Other possible ways aromatherapy can improve your health include increasing a person’s circulation and helping with respiratory issues. Aromatherapy is also commonly used to eliminate headaches and reduce pain. Many people also like aromatherapy for its benefits to your skin’s health.

Relaxation and sleeplavender_1

Sleep deprivation can leave people void of energy and can negatively impact a person’s concentration and productivity, thankfully aromatherapy is great for improving a person’s sleep.

Possibly, the most common use of aromatherapy is to relieve a person’s stress – to help them relax and sleep better. Oils such as chamomile are particularly good at helping relax a person but there is a large range of therapeutic oils to explore. Reducing anxiety is another way in which aromatherapy can help you relax and sleep better. Aromatherapy can help you achieve this with calming oils like lavender which lowers the activation of your sympathetic nervous system reducing fight or flight reactions.

Whilst aromatherapy can aid a person in sleep, it can also be used to reduce fatigue and increase a person’s awareness.

Improving the immune system

 Aromatherapy is also good for strengthening your immune system – it is better to prevent illness than treat it. Use the antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils to protect yourself from a wide array of illnesses. Oregano is recognised as one of the best essential oils for improving your immune system but there are many others that work well too. A strong immune system is also great for helping you recover from illness quicker.

As you can see the range of benefits aromatherapy offers is extensive, so don’t wait around try it out for yourself. You can purchase all your essential oils and aromatherapy equipment at Direct Oils, so enjoy your new discovery of delicious scents and wellbeing.


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