A Guide To Our Festive Fragrances

Christmas is around the corner, the usual shopping malls and online retailers are selling all the staple gifts and here you are looking for something that will impress the special person in your life who either a) Already has the latest smartphone, electronics, appliances, or b) Isn’t interested in those things and prefers something unexpected. Christmas Tree Festive Fragrances

We often underestimate how powerful smells are, until of course the holidays roll around and you’re smelling those iconic spices and sweet aromas associated with food, family, and fun.  Essential oils make for some very high-quality and special gifts.  Have a quick browse through our favorite festive fragrances and try to resist these combinations.

Cinnamon Fragrance Oil

Nothing says “Yum!” like some cinnamon on your favorite baked goods.  Because it is so strong and easy to identify, cinnamon fragrance oil will last you a long time.  This is a nice fragrance to have on-hand if your home receives a lot of outdoor traffic or for those who don’t know how to bake, but enjoy having the smell of this staple holiday spice fill their home.

Frankincense Fragrance Oil

This festive oil brings a nice calming effect into the area.  It is often attributed to an earthy and spiritual quality that is used to meditate and clear one’s mind.  Frankincense is that familiar scent that can activate old memories, due to its long history of use throughout generations.

Myrrh Fragrance Oil

Another great smell that brings over a relaxing sensation.  Myrrh is used as a healing scent, which can be great for someone feeling the winter blues or stress out from all the holiday planning.  Myrrh is also noted for its soft and sensual qualities, and its history as a perfume, which makes it great for the bedroom to help set the mood. Christmas Pudding Festive Fragrance

Xmas Berries Fragrance Oil

This is a bright and floral scent that will give you a nice contrast to all the sweet and heavy smells that linger over the holidays.  This oil is perfect for covering up a stale or artificial smell.  If you’re trying to capture the fresh Christmas garden scent, this fragrance is perfect!  It also compliments the pine smell from live Christmas trees, acting as a balance to the strong smell.

Xmas Pudding Fragrance Oil

This one is definitely for those who have a sweet tooth.  Christmas puddings are usually a bit more complex and memorable than your average pudding, that’s why this oil is so surprisingly good.  You can detect the subtle mixing of fruity, rich, sweet, and spicy layers that let you know it’s a holiday desert.

Xmas Spice Fragrance Oil

If you’re wanting a bit more than cinnamon from the spice rack, you should try this special fragrance oil.  It mixes cinnamon with notes of orange and clove, to give it a more complex profile of a homemade pie or a culinary chef that is marrying lovely flavors and smells together in perfect harmony.


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