Jojoba Absolute Blended Oils

We offer an amazing selection of Jojoba absolute blended oils that we know you will love. This exquisite range contains our superb rose blended jojoba essential oil and our brilliant Jasmine blended jojoba oil mix. These oils are great for aromatherapy offering exotic, rich, and deeply floral fragrances that make relaxing easy. These oils are soothing and are the perfect partner for a sensual calming massage.

The rose absolute blended oils meet the symbolism of the rose and capture the very essence of sweetness, love and romance in just a few drops. Rose absolute oils are also blessed with many fantastic health benefits to accompany their great smell such as antiviral properties as well as being a great aid in relieving stress and anxiety.

Jojoba absolute blended oils are the perfect gift to show you truly care and the ideal way to treat yourself to a sensual experience that you can fully immerse yourself in.

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