Fruity Scentalight Fragrances

Our range of fruity Scentalight fragrances include:

Passion Fruit & Guava – A clean and fresh fruity blend of raspberry, peach, melon, strawberry & lime and passion fruit sorbet among other notes create a warm and soft fragrance.

Pear Molasses – A fruity and sweet fragrance with notes of pears, coconut, peaches & tart rhubarb creates a buttery and sweet blend.

Poppy & Peach – An infusion of fruity scents including peach melba, apricots, tangerine and passion fruit creates a calming yet busy fragrance.

Strawberry & Lilac – A fragrance that brings together fresh English scents including English rhubarb, ripe strawberry, raspberry smoothie and sweet lily to create a serene and clean blend.


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