Spicy Scentalight Fragrances

Our range of Spicy Scentalight fragrances include:

Bombay Blast – A woody fragrance that will bring to life any room with it’s unique blend of scents including sandalwood, cinnamon spice and jasmine.

Cider Surprise – Perfect for a lover of cider, this fragrance blends together everything you would expect and more including, apples, peaches and bitter rose to create a traditional cider fragrance.

Patchouli Picnic – This really does live up to it’s name as a spicy fragrance with a warm range of scents including hot peppers, patchoulis and forest florals.

Persian Nights – This fragrance is as exotic as it’s name suggests. To name just a few scents it consists of a blend of lavender buds, rose, cyclamen and rosemary blooms to create a woody and glorious fragrance.


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