Scentalight Fruity Fragrance Oil Kit


Scentalight Fruity Fragrance Kit contains… Pear Molasses – Poppy & Peach – Passion Fruit & Guava – Strawberry & Lilac with Natural Soy Wax base for your fragrance. Sure to lift your mood and enhance your environment with the power of fragrance.

Product Description

Pear Molasses is a cocktail of…. Soft juicy pears, coconut, succulent peaches and tart rhubarb caramelized in brown sugar and luxurious ambers dominate the top notes. The buttery, sweetness is tickled with rose, bergamot and clove spice whilst embraced into a rich vanilla and cedarwood base.

Poppy & Peach is an infusion of…. Fruity compote in the top notes of peach melba, apricot, water melon, tangerine and passion fruit. The heart projects a summer meadow with honeysuckle, cyclamen, magnolia, wild jasmine, poppy and bergamot which is submerged into a fresh calming base of ylang, eucalyptus, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Passion Fruit & Guava is a blend of….Sparkling raspberry, peach, melon, strawberry and passion fruit sorbet sweeten the top notes. Musky jasmine gives guava a rich heart made more youthful with sprigs of geranium and slight rose tints. The base is kept light and warm with soft cinnamons, cloves and sweet French vanilla pod.

Strawberry & Lilac brings together….English rhubarb, orange, ripe strawberry, peach and raspberry smoothie adds juiciness to the top notes. Cyclamen blossom, sweet lily pollen, jasmine, eucalyptus, rose and vibrant lilac intensifies the sugary hue with their innocent blooms. Base notes of musky vanilla and cinnamon serenade the blend and create a creamy solace.

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